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Placenta Tincture


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Service Description

It is a concentrated alcohol solution that contains the powerful nutrients and hormones of your placenta to provide balance when your body needs it. The placenta is also a brilliant source of stem cells and a tincture allows for perfect preservation without cooking or dehydration. We make our Placenta Tincture with 125ml of premium Organic Grain Alcohol (60% Vol), diluted with 75ml of Distilled Water. The final product is ready six weeks from birth and if stored properly can last a lifetime. The Placenta Tincture is believed to be able to stabilise hormones and increase energy levels. It can be used during times of stress or transition. It is an excellent option for those wanting a remedy to support them through the menopause. 胎盤酊劑是一種濃縮酒精溶液,含有胎盤中強大的營養物質和荷爾蒙,可在您的身體需要時提供平衡。 胎盤也是乾細胞的絕佳來源,酊劑無需烹飪或脫水即可完美保存。 我們用 125 毫升優質有機穀物酒精(60% Vol)製作我們的胎盤酊劑,並用 75 毫升蒸餾水稀釋。 最終產品在出生六週後就可以準備好,如果儲存得當,可以持續一生。 胎盤酊劑被認為能夠穩定荷爾蒙並提高能量水平。 它可以在壓力或過渡時期使用。 對於那些想要通過更年期來支持他們的補救措施的人來說,這是一個很好的選擇。

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