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Placenta Remedies
to Support
Your Recovery  

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What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is the process of transforming the whole placenta into capsule supplements that can be taken to help support the health of the mother.


At Tree of Life Encapsulation, we use the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method to process the placenta. The final product is a bottle of capsules – just like any of your other supplements.


When ingested regularly, placenta capsules have been used to help support healing, encourage milk production, and restabilize hormones.

Candice Chan, a Doctor of Natural Medicine & Nutritionist, had her first child in 2021 and throughout her pregnancy, she did extensive research on how to optimise her and her baby’s health with nutrition and holistic medicine. She came across Placenta Encapsulation in several holistic prenatal health books, then was further recommended by a Chinese doctor to ingest her placenta after birth. At that time, this remedy was not yet known to the public despite all the health benefits that the placenta can offer. Candice was determined to educate women and make this service available in Hong Kong for those who are interested in Placenta Encapsulation.

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Celebrities who
consumed their placentas

Our Products


Placenta Encapsulation Service


These capsules are made by gently rinsing, preparing and steaming the placenta over an organic infusion of fresh organic chilli, lemon and ginger. These warming herbs familiar to Chinese medicine are believed to warm and energise you, destroy bacteria and preserve the placenta. After steaming over the herbs the placenta is sliced into strips, dehydrated, finely ground and put into vegan capsules. These can be stored up to 6 months.


Placenta Tincture

It is a concentrated alcohol solution that contains the powerful nutrients and hormones of your placenta to provide balance when your body needs it. The placenta is also a brilliant source of stem cells and a tincture allows for perfect preservation without cooking or dehydration. We make our Placenta Tincture with 125ml of premium Organic Grain Alcohol (60% Vol), diluted with 75ml of Distilled Water. The final product is ready six weeks from birth and if stored properly can last a lifetime. The Placenta Tincture is believed to be able to stabilise hormones and increase energy levels. It can be used during times of stress or transition. It is an excellent option for those wanting a remedy to support them through the menopause.




Free Placenta Capsules Discovery Call

Schedule a 15 minutes call to find out more about placenta encapsulation. 

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